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The Mayner Leadership Team

Desi Mayner, CEO

After teaching and coaching high-school students for 10 years, Desi faced the sudden and tremendous loss of his father and grandfather role models within 2 years of each other. Although devastating, this loss was the catalyst that led Desi to finally pursue his passion and become a Leadership Coach. 

With his ability to understand people and get them into their “sweet spot,” Desi is transforming the lives of leaders and their communities. 

Anyone who works with Desi is certain to grow in their influence, impact, self awareness, and ability to take action.

Jeremy Kline, Coach

After initially struggling in the sales world, Jeremy went from failure to tremendous success while helping build and lead a multi-million dollar company.

Jeremy understands that failure is part of success, giving him deep empathy for leaders at all stages of their journey. He is passionate about finding and drawing out the greatness in others.

A father of four, Jeremy is driven by the desire to create a legacy. He lives out every day knowing that life is short and that it is vitally important to make our lives matter.

Who we are.

We are a team of coaches who push leaders and teams to
be their best.

Our coaches are experts at:

  • Transforming leaders from “good” to “excellent”
  • Helping people reach their full potential
  • Connecting teams to each other and their leaders
  • Never shying away from hard truths

What we do.

We equip leaders and empower teams to leave a legacy of fulfillment and achievement.

Our areas of focus:

  • Individual coaching for business leaders
  • Leadership team coaching for businesses
  • Sales leadership coaching

  • Sales training and workshops

Why we do it.

Our values carry our mission forward and are the biggest reasons our clients see success.

We value and fight for:

  • Care – The foundation of any trusting relationship.
  • ConnectionSocial and emotional awareness of yourself and your team.
  • CommunicationRespectful giving and receiving of info and feedback.

  • Candor – Accountability and honesty with yourself
    and others.

A word from our founder.

What my dad taught me about leadership.

Everyone needs an empowering teacher or coach in their life. For me, that was my dad. He never let me settle for average. Instead, he would always tell me, I’ll tell you when you’re giving your best.

It’s only because of him that I became the man I am today. When my dad passed away, I was inspired to leave a legacy like his. To create a legacy of challenging people to be their best – because he taught me that everyone needs someone to believe in them.

That’s why our coaching isn’t just “woo-woo” time-wasting fluff. Like the greatest athletic coaches, we’ll push you to give everything you’ve got. To be the best you can be. We believe that when leaders transform, so do their teams, their businesses, and their communities. 

Mayner Leadership empowers leaders to empower everyone around them, so everyone wins. 

Your legacy is our mission.

You’re working hard toward a vision for a strong, sustainable business you love.

To do that, you need a loyal team you can rely on. If there’s a breakdown somewhere and they’re not performing to their highest potential, your business isn’t as efficient, profitable, and impactful as it could be. Your staff is your single biggest asset and riskiest liability. 

When it comes to your team, there are so many different types of people doing different types of jobs and it feels impossible to get the best out of all of them. You can’t possibly be responsible for changing the habits, attitudes, and values of everyone around you. That’s a lot of pressure because at the end of the day, it’s all on you.

The problem is, when you’re so close to the situation, you can’t see the issues clearly, much less the solutions. That’s why leadership was never meant to be done alone. You need someone from the outside to point out what’s holding you back and help you break through it. I’ve been a Division I football player, teacher, and an athletic coach. If I’ve learned one thing from those experiences, it’s that high performing people are often poor judges of themselves and what they’re capable of. 

Why? Because they can’t see the whole picture. 

They need a coach who sees their potential, then challenges them to reach it. It’s the #1 difference between success and failure. Without a coach, the player will stay stuck and the rest of the team will follow suit. 

The key to unlocking your team’s fullest potential is you.

Here’s how we do it:

  STEP 1

Deep Dive Report

First things first: You can’t fix what’s in the dark. We get real and deep with our Deep Dive Report by interviewing you and your team to uncover the hidden issues and organize them in a way that equips you to address them.

  STEP 2

Action Plan

Next, because it can be a little daunting to know where to start, we customize an Action Plan that breaks down each area of focus and gives you simple action items to get them resolved. 

  STEP 3


Finally, you get Leadership Accountability Coaching. When you’ve got a business to run, you’re being pulled in a million directions. You need that coach to hold you to what you’re capable of and keep you on track to see the transformational results. 

The legacy you leave starts with the team you lead. Take the first step and request a Deep Dive Report. It’s time to stop just “running a business.” Instead, we’ll help you start building a legacy alongside a team you can rely on.

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