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Leadership Coaching

Become a leader that leaves a legacy.

Our leadership accountability coaching is not motivational, self-help, you-can-do-this pep talks. It’s also not something that will make you feel immediately good about yourself. Here’s how we do it:

Deep Dive Report – We lean on your key team members to uncover the blind spots that could be holding you back from being the best leader you can be – all in less than two weeks.

Action Plan – Then, we use our findings to give you simple, yet powerful, action steps to do over the next months.

Accountability Coaching – During short weekly check-ins, we’ll hold you to your action steps and help you along the way.

After our time together, you’ll be amazed how you’ve improved in all the areas we worked on. Your team will agree – or we’ll give you your money back.

“Without my team, I have no company. Mayner Leadership helped me step out of my comfort zone and become a better owner and leader. I’m ​extremely happy with the results my team and I have seen.”

Jordan Jeffers
Owner, Jeffers Plumbing Solutions

Team Building

Connect and empower your teams.

Many team coaching programs are limited to one-day workshops where teams have fun, play games, and go back to work just like normal. We don’t let your leadership team off that easy.

Deep Dive Report We lean on your key members to uncover the blind spots that could be holding the team back from being the best they can be – all in less than two weeks.

Action PlanThen, we regroup and give everyone one team goal, one personal goal, and the action steps to get there.

Accountability CoachingYou get a coach dedicated to holding your team accountable to their goals. We’ll even check-in with team members to track each leader’s progress.

After our time, you’ll be amazed how you’ve improved in all the areas we worked together on. Your team will agree – or we’ll give you your money back.

“Mayner Leadership helped our leadership team go from “managing staff” to “leading our team well.” This has significantly impacted the level of respect and collaboration on our team. One staff member even commented, ‘Coaching support from Desi has made my life better.'”

Kerry Downs
Executive Director at Crim Fitness Foundation

Sales Training

Give your salespeople everything they need to succeed.

We dig into your sales team’s relationships, processes, methods, and metrics to see what needs to improve. Like our other coaching programs, you’ll get a Deep Dive Report, an Action Plan, and ongoing training. 

Our sales training is centered around the 4 Pillars Of Sales:

1. People – Great sales teams are built on trust, good communication, and authentic relationships. Miss this pillar, and everything else will crumble.

2. ProcessWe look at your entire customer journey from Prospect to Client – then make it more efficient than ever.

3. Methods – Your team will get equipped with the mindset, tools, and techniques they need to sell with confidence. Our methods are easy and ethical.

4. Metrics – We help you identify, measure and focus on the performance and activity that will make the biggest impact in your business, then develop the systems to improve them.  

Put your sales team and a Mayner Leadership coach in the same room and you’ll see higher production, better relationships, and happier clients.

“I am impressed with Mayner Leadership, their team, their expertise, and how it helped in our business. To improve close rate and leadership development within your organization, I highly recommend Mayner Leadership.

Dr. Nicole Wax
Owner & CEO of Wax Orthodontics


Treat your people to a game-changing workshop.

In addition to our long-term coaching programs, we lead single, two-hour, in-person workshops for your teams.

Our workshops can help you:

  • Improve team communication
  • Use the DiSC Personality System to connect your team
  • Help your salespeople better connect with clients

Thinking about leadership or team coaching but aren’t ready to commit? Trying to find something worthy of your Professional Development budget? Wanting to encourage and care for your team? This is where it’s at.

“We have good leaders, but wanted to sharpen them up with Mayner Leadership. With just a couple of group teaching sessions, our leaders are already growing.”

Dan Abel
Owner at CGC Water Treatment

Here’s where to start.

  STEP 1

Select package

We recommend starting with Leadership Accountability Coaching, then moving on to your teams.

  STEP 2

Apply for coaching

Fill out a quick questionnaire and we’ll schedule a call to introduce you to your coach and answer all your questions.

  STEP 3

Get to work

Our coach will hold you to what you’re capable of and keep you on track to see the transformational results. 

The 4 Qualities Of Excellent Leaders

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After working with hundreds of business leaders from C-suite to small business, we've identified the 4 qualities of a leader who gets the best out of their team. 

In this 4-video mini-course, you'll learn:

  1. How to ask for and give feedback that actually changes things
  2. The key to being confident without seeming arrogant
  3. How to be more disciplined without working harder
  4. How to adapt your communication style for different people

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