When your team
is strong,
so is
your business.

Mayner Leadership goes deep into your operation, uncovers what’s holding your team back, and gives you the tools to overcome it.

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Most good leaders work hard to build a strong sustainable business with a team they can rely on.

But by managing many different personalities who do many different jobs, they often get stuck in an endless cycle of putting out fires rather than building the legacy they envision.

Your team is vital to the success of the business.

If there is a breakdown somewhere,
it’ll keep your company from being:

  • More Efficient

  • More Profitable
  • More Impactful

The key to unlocking your
team’s potential is you.

Get an experienced leadership expert from the outside to point out exactly what’s holding you back and give you the strategy and tools to:

Empower Your Team

Help them take ownership of their
work and support your vision as
much as you do.

Build Your Business

As your leadership techniques improves,
so will your culture, retention, and
bottom line.

Leave A Legacy

Start a ripple effect. Solid leadership creates stronger people, families, and communities.  

Learn to lead your people well with coaching
from Mayner Leadership.

I’m Desi Mayner, and I’ve been there. 

I’ve been a Division I football player, teacher, and an athletic coach. If I’ve learned one thing from those experiences, it’s that high performing people are often poor judges of themselves and what their team is capable of. Why? Because they can’t see the whole picture. Not because they don’t care. Because they are just too close to the situation and have invested everything.

They need a coach who sees their potential, then challenges them to reach it. It’s the #1 difference between success and failure. Without a coach, the player will stay stuck and the rest of the team will follow suit. 

The key to unlocking your team’s fullest potential is you.
Let’s get you there with Leadership Accountability Coaching.

– Desi Mayner, CEO

You don’t need more advice and ideas. You need to get it done.

Here’s how we get to work.

  STEP 1

Deep Dive Report

We interview you and your team to uncover the hidden issues and organize them into a 50-page report that equips you to address them. 

  STEP 2

Action Plan

We customize an Action Plan based on your Deep Dive Report that gives you simple, realistic action items to improve your leadership for good.

  STEP 3


Our coach will hold you accountable to what you’re capable of and keep you on track to see the transformational results. 

Follow the process and we guarantee measurable improvement, or we’ll give you your money back.

Words From The
Mayner Leadership Roster

The opportunity to establish a think tank style meeting within each session was exactly what our team needed. Our team began to understand different personality types which align with different communication styles, and how to effectively identify and work with those different styles.  We were able to develop a list of our top priorities as a team, agree on those as a team, and then establish a framework for consistency which is what our team was asking for!

Desi’s powerful presence and ability to help work through team hesitations to speak up and share individual thoughts is second to none. His personality is positive, impactful, supportive, and inspiring and his communication skills pushed us to come to the table and take decisive action on what it was our team was asking for the most in terms of direction, communication, and leadership transparency!

Dr. Amber Schlemmer
Primary Prevention Physiotherapy

In our very fast-paced work environment, I found myself focused on managing behavior instead of leading my team well. Everyone was frustrated and worn down. Desi created a space for our team to have meaningful conversations about work, team connections, and purpose. He gave all the leaders at our organization tools to improve communication, deepen connections, and impact people.

Now, the mutual respect and collaboration between leaders and teams is stronger than ever. One staff member even commented, Coaching support from Desi has made my life better! Mayner Leadership will transform your organization from the inside out.

Kerry Downs
Executive Director, Flint Community Education Initiative led by Crim Fitness Foundation

Our team was lacking communication from the leaders to the workers; we also did not have the right tools in place for the leaders to be successful. Once Desi and his team came into the ​picture, we were able to establish who the true leaders are and what we needed to do to be the best leaders to our team and guide them to be successful in their daily ​workloads. 

I’m ​extremely happy with the results we have seen. Our team is stronger than ever and there is great communication between the new team members all the way up to the leaders and me. I would highly recommend Mayner Leadership to friends and other business owners.

Jordan Jeffers
Owner, Jeffers Plumbing Solutions

We were facing the challenges of learning how to work together yet get all of our own individual jobs done. It felt a little bit like being out of control yet micromanaging at the same time. Desi came in to do the DISC assessment which helped all of us understand each other as well as the roles that we play in the organization. Once we understood those, we worked a lot better together. 

He is a straight shooter and doesn’t pull any punches with me even when it makes me mad; however, that is how I learn and grow personally. Great asset to us.

Dena Wiegand
Executive Director of Operations, Freedom Center Church

Dr. Nicole Wax

Owner & CEO of Wax Orthodontics

Mayner Leadership can help you…

Equip Yourself.

Leadership Coaching

You can’t fix what you can’t see. Our leadership coaching goes deep to uncover your weak spots and help you fix them. Not general business advice – a customized strategy based on your unique situation. By using your team as our benchmark, you’ll get a clear and reliable measure of your improvement over time.

Empower your team.

Team Building

Many leaders feel disconnected from their teams, and teams feel like no one has their back. We help create deep connections between leaders and teams. Apply for team coaching to start building a culture of trust, efficiency, and empowerment.

Explode your sales.

Sales Training

In a world that has made sales immoral, more sales professionals are struggling to connect with their clients. We equip salespeople with the philosophy, technique, and tools they need to close deals and feel great about it.  You’ll get confident sales team, happy clients, and a thriving bottom line.

It’s go time.

Imagine if you knew all the conversations your team has about you: what you’re doing well and how you can improve. It might be scary at first, but it would build trust with them and you’d become an even better leader. 

That’s why our success benchmark is not us, not you, but your team. After working with us, we guarantee they’ll see measurable improvements. 

If they don’t? We’ll give you your money back.

Where will you, your team, and your business be 6 months from now? You can choose right now if the answer is struggling or thriving.

If you’re ready to become the best leader you can be and make the impact you want to make, request a Deep Dive Report today.

The 4 Qualities Of Excellent Leaders

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